The city of New York has Spiderman, Metropolis has Superman, Gotham has Batman, The City has The Tick.  All over the world gifted individuals have stepped forward to stand between the people and those who wish them hard.  All over the world they have taken the mantle of hero.  All over the world, except for Chicago.

Over the years men, women, and even beings from other dimension and planets have tried stepped forward in the second city.  None of them have lasted very long before they have given up, disappeared, or turned into complete bastards and use their powers to hurt those they once sought to protect.  The common school of thought is that the corruption that goes back to the founding of the city is so deeply rooted in the metaphysical fabric of the city that even the purest hearted individual will end up corrupted.  Despite the lack of super heroic in Chicago there has been no rise in super villians, as if some divine need for balance has suppressed supers on both sides of the law.

The story of the supers of Chicago is about to begin as a group of heroes once again step forward to try their luck against the fortunes of Chicago, to see if they have the will and the heart to stand up to the corruption.  To see if they have the power to become heroes.

Issue one release date: 12/10/2016

Second City Guardians

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