Second City Guardians

El Sol Roso


The sun was shining in Chicago on a chilly December day,  wind whipped in off of the lake causing people to add extra layers and pull their winter hats down over their ears. That didn't stop people from getting out and enjoying the day to the fullest.  Lovers walked hand in hand around the museum campus, whispering sweet things in each other's ears and looking at the Chicago skyline.  City workers directed traffic around the streets or picked up pieced of trash blowing in the wind.  Tourists posed in front of the water wall at Soldier Field, the sun sparkled on the layer of ice covering it. A family tried to herd a gaggle of children towards the Field Museum.  Signs pointing toward the museum announced the opening of a special exhibit:

"The Incas, Mayans, and the Aztecs live in Chicago!

Come see the Artifacts of Mesoamerica.

See how these ancient people lived"

A ziggurat with a priest in an elaborate headdress filled the background.

A scream of pain and terror echoed through the parking garage at under Soldier Field causing a flock of pigeons to fly off.  Nobody else heard anything.  A short time later 3 figures walked out of the garage.  One man led the way, walking with purpose toward the museum while arguing with the beautiful woman next to him.

"He isn't dead Cuanmiztli," He said in an ancient language, "He wasn't even hurt."

"We should have just taken the bus," She replied in the same language, her voice somehow sounded like a purr and a growl combined, "Then we wouldn't have hurt anyone."

The third man moves smoothly along the ground as he walked behind the pair, he looked at them and didn't say a word.

"I know you hate the bus," she growled

"and cabs," exasperation crept into her voice, "Yes and Uber too, but you could have just flown here."

The third man just passively turned back to focus on their destination.

"I told you, he wasn't hurt. Other then maybe a little mental trauma but he'll probably just suppress that."

"It's still not right Carlos…."

"It's done," The man snapped, cutting her off.  She stared dagger at him, her eyes flashed gold and a low growl rumbled from her throat.


Nearby a photographer was taking picture of the scenery around the museum.  He was reviewing his pictures when he looked at one picture with three people he didn't see when he took the picture.  The man in the lead was dressed as an Aztec priest, next to him was a woman wearing the skin of a some type of great cat.  The third figure was a giant snake with feathery wings.  The photographer looked up and couldn't find that trio anywhere. 


The two men and the woman walked up the steps and entered the museum.


A short time later the doors of the museum spilled open and people pushed their way out in a panic running for their lives.


a loud thud caused cracks to form around one of the doors, a couple for resounding thugs and the door exploded out and tumbled down the steps.  A giant skeletal head looked out of the hole she had made and them pushed herself out through the hole.  Her giant skeletal body took more of the stone facade with as Sue the T-rex pushed through.


she stood high on her legs and opened her mouth in a silent roar before making her way out into the parkway surrounding the museum.  A massive beating heart held suspended in her rib cage, bloody tendrils weaved their way from the heart through and around the fossilized bones.  The earth shook with each step she took, cars crushed like tin can under her feet and food vendor carts were tossed aside by her tail.  People trampled each other trying to her out her path.


An older woman wearing a fine suit ran out of the gaping hole in the museum facade and ran towards Sue repeating "Oh my god!" to herself constantly as she chased after the dinosaur.



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