The Comic of Life Force

He awoke from a deep slumber if you can call it Awakening. All he knew was at one point he was drifting in blackness and the next He was aware of himself. He knew not his name or where he come where he came from he was only aware of his waking he was only aware of existing Darkness was still around but it was different. Time meant nothing new he knew not how long you was there and then he took a step forward into the light. The light was blinding, and for a long while it was only whites that he saw eventually he was aware of shapes and motion again, he knew not how long he stayed there he saw Ships Come and Go. At long last he was aware of his standing in a room. He looked behind him and all he could. He looked behind and saw a sarcophagus standing upright leaning against the wall. He looked about the room and so many objects, some familiar and some not. All were tagged with names numbers and descriptions of how they were you. At long last he recognized he was in a museum. There were people about, some stopping to read the signs and look at the objects. None seems to be aware of him he was slowly recognizing that he had certain special abilities.


Interesting, I am invisible. After experimenting he also felt that he could walk through objects with a force of will he could make himself intangible. He could pick up objects and move them about and did not notice that is hands did not come in contact

At this point he was not aware of the unwelcome truth, that that he was dead and but a ghost. The force of will that he thought made him intangible was actually returning to his natural state. What he thought was merely picking up objects around him was actually a telekinesis. A force of Mind Over Matter lifting objects with his mind. Had he known these things immediately, it might have driven him mad. Instead, he eased into the truth. Not knowing for many days there was a crash


There was a crash somewhere in the building, loud and long. He ran to the room where he heard the noise and so a dinosaur or the bones of a dinosaur animated as if bye a puppeteer strings. It was thrashing about and there was chaos in the room of people screaming and running. And had not yet claimed any victims but it seemed only a matter of time.


The monster charge through a large glass door and broke into the out broke out into the outside world. He gave Chase, and a pond entering the outside world he paused. Everything seems strange, alien. It was as if he thought everything for the first time. As one who spent a lifetime reading books about the world and only later going into it. The puppet of bone was outside thrashing about, and was met challenged but what by what he could only call a superhero a damsel of both Fire and Ice. Feeling somehow in volleyball, invulnerable, he went to join the the combat. He couldn’t let this lady attack. On her own. He called out to her to let her know he was coming to assist but she paid him no heed.


There was someone else she was talking with, he paid less attention to the other being and more to the communication. The words were unfamiliar, yet he understood all the meanings. It was as if came to him in simple understanding. Not needing translation. Strange.


He tried to assist again, but his efforts seem futile he thought perhaps lifting the Beast off the ground and keeping it a mobile but gripping it was a challenge. While he struggled he was aware of the Fire and Ice ladies strategy, there was a beating heart within the Beast that seems to provide its animation.


He tried to assist with this strategy I’ve somehow affecting the heart of the Beast, when from above he saw a Spaceman. Or at least that was the only way he could describe them. Dressed in some sort of silver suit. He flew about clumsily for a couple minutes wrestling and struggling with the Beast. And then, the spaceman flu up and shot volts of energy at the beast’s head. And exploded into a thousand fragments of bone. And the carcass fell to the ground, wisps of smoke streaming from the top of the spine, where its head had been.


The Comic of Life Force

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